January 6, 2015


Why should I attend the Nordic Forum?

With around 100 CEMS students from all over the world and top companies, this is a great opportunity for you to expand your CEMS network.

The four forum days will be filled with skill seminars, speed interviews, networking and social events with prominent corporate partners. You will have the opportunity to learn from, ask questions from and hear the opinions of people who are experts in their fields.

By participating in the skill seminars you will earn skill seminar credits towards your CEMS MIM degree. The skill seminars will last 4 hours each, and you will earn 0.25 ECTS per skill seminar. Furthermore, we are organising multiple social activities to make sure that you get to experience and explore the city of Copenhagen as well.

Who can attend the Nordic Forum?

The Nordic Forum is an exclusive event for students enrolled in the CEMS Master’s in Management programme provided by the CEMS Alliance (cems.org). Students from any CEMS university around the world are eligible to apply. First year MSc students who are accepted to the CEMS program and will only start their CEMS year next year are still more than welcome to apply to the Nordic Forum.

When can I apply and expect to hear back from you?

Applications to the CEMS Nordic Forum 2019 will be open from February 2019 on.

What are the selection criteria for applicants?

In order to ensure a good match between students and participating companies, applicants will be screened according to the following criteria:

• Year of study & skill seminar credits to complete for graduation
• Languages spoken
• Past professional experience
• International experience
• Extracurricular activities
• Motivation

What will the schedule of the event be like?

Copenhagen Business School wants you to enjoy the best of both worlds. So prepare to be involved in inspiring seminars as well as in several social activities to get to know your peers and the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen.

The organizing committee is working to create the best variation between seminars and recreational activities. More information on the schedule will be announced later on.

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Can I choose seminars to participate in?

All participants will be asked to rank their preferred skill seminars, and information about final selection will be sent to the participants before the start of the Nordic Forum.

From Wednesday to Friday, you will attend 4 different skill seminars. Please be aware that it is mandatory to attend all skill seminars assigned to you, as the ECTS credits (0.25 ECTS credits per seminar) will be recognised in your CEMS study plan. Exceptions to the number of seminars you attend can only be made for very special reasons and prior to the seminar selection process by contacting the organising committee.

What is your cancellation policy?

Standard CEMS rules regarding skill seminar attendance and cancellation policy apply to the Nordic Forum as well. You can read more about skill seminars here and about the cancellation policy from your respective year’s Student Guide here. Please note that we are unable to refund any participation fees once you have already paid them.

We reserve the right to make changes to the content above.