The CEMS Nordic Forum is the largest annual CEMS conference and career event in the Nordics. The conference welcomes both local and international CEMS students. The Nordic Forum 2019 will take place on the 24-27th April at Copenhagen Business School under the topic of "Sustainability and Strategy"


In April 2019, Copenhagen Business School is proud to be the host of the largest annual CEMS conference in the Nordics. We gather the best and highly motivated local and international students for four days of learning and networking. We meet leading academic experts and most importantly, the CEMS corporate partners


CEMS students from all 30 global partner universities can participate in the Nordic Forum. We will invite around 100 skilled students to the event based on their academic and extracurricular qualifications. You can learn more about the application process under the ‘Application 2019’ tab and by following our Facebook and LinkedIn


The CEMS Nordic Forum is organised on a rotating basis between the four Nordic CEMS schools: Aalto University, Copenhagen Business School, Norwegian School of Economics, and Stockholm School of Economics. In 2019, the conference will be held at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

How can businesses become more sustainable and maximize their positive impact in society while maintaining their competitive edge?